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We carry out all types of repairs from changing a bulb to major engine repairs.  We will check out the problem for you completely free of charge and give you a no obligation quote.  If your car is in for repair and we find any further unexpected problems we will always contact you prior to undertaking any additional work, plus any replaced parts will be available for your inspection.



For maximum safety and peace of mind it makes sense to have your brakes checked regularly.  Common signs of brake problems include:

• grinding noise or juddering when braking

• a permanent grinding without braking

• car pulls to one side when braking

• loss of efficiency during heavy braking

• rear wheels lock when braking



The exhaust system is a series of pipes and boxes designed to carry harmful emissions away from the front of the vehicle,  remove engine noise and maximise fuel efficiency.  Common problems that occur include:

•  cracks

• leaking joints

•  broken hangers

• worn rubber mountings

• corrosion

• failed gaskets

• high levels of pollutant gasses


The clutch system is based on friction between a flywheel and pressure plate and eventually these parts start to wear and need replacing. No clutch will last forever but it will last longer on vehicles that are driven smoothly and that aren't towing extra weight.

The easiest way to determine if you have a problem is to listen carefully when you use the clutch and be aware of how the pedal feels.  If you can hear sqealing, chirping or rubbling noises or the pedal feels heavy then it is likely there is something wrong.  Having it assessed early might save you money in the long run.



Gearboxes, or transmissions, take a lot of use over the years and eventually start to have some issues.  Common signs of problems include:

- refuses to go into gear

- burning smell

- noisy in neutral

- gears slipping

- dragging

- leaking fluid

- grinding or shaking

- clunking, whining or humming noises