Regular servicing is essential to make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable. The annual MOT is not a substitute for regular servicing and passing the MOT doesn't mean that your vehicle will remain safe for the following 12 months.

Regular oil and filter changes, which are included in both full and interim services, are an important part of vehicle maintenance. Oil changes will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent major, and often costly, problems occuring in the engine.

If you decide to sell your vehicle, prospective buyers are more likely to buy a car that has a complete service history as it shows the vehicle has been well maintained.


Full servicing should be carried out approximately every 15 - 20,000 miles, or every year which ever is sooner. Servicing your car can identify problems which are developing and help to reduce the risk of breakdowns

Our service package includes:

• replacing air, fuel, pollen and oil filters and oil

• replacing spark plugs (if required)

• check and top up brake, power steering and washer fluids and anti freeze

• remove, grease and replace wheels

• lubricate door locks, hinges and bonnet catch

• tyre pressures

• adjust brakes (if necessary)

Inspection and report on condition of:

• wipers

• seat belts and mountings

• tyres and wheels

• drive belts

• braking systems (pads, discs, calipers, cylinders, pipes, linkages and cables)

• steering and suspension (hoses, joints, gaiters, columns, springs, shock absorbers, mountings)

• any indentified leaks (engine oil, gearbox oil, transmission, power steering, fuel)

- lighting system (headlights, indicators, instrument panel)

A full service usually costs between £120-£150 depending on the price of the parts, which vary from vehicle to vehicle. Extra charges may be made for vehicles which carry special oils and spark plugs.


An interim service should be carried out between full services or at about every 6,000 miles. An interim service will help to keep your vehicle roadworthy between full services.

An interim service includes:

• replacing oil filter & oil
• top up brake, power steering and washer fluids and anti freeze
• tyre pressures
• lubricate of door locks, hinges and bonnet catch

An interim service usually costs between £50-£60. Extra charges may be made for vehicles whcih carry special oils and spark plugs.

MOTs & Servicing

• Full & Interim Services
• Brake repairs
• Complete computer diagnostics
• Air conditioning
• Tune - ups
• Oil changes

Tyre Specialist

• Puncture repairs
• Wheel alignment
• Wheel balancing
• Steering and suspension


• Clutches
• Exhaust Systems
• Welding
• Engine rebuilds
• Gearbox overhauls
• Auto electrics

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